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  • [ EC21 ] Part time Job (인도네시아, 캄보디아, 태국, 독일, 현지 파트타임잡 모집 공고)

    Level : All Position : Part time job
    Deadline : Open until filled E-mail :

    Hello, Good day!

    We are from EC21, a B2B as well as Export Consulting & Marketing Company located in Seoul, South Korea. Actually we are currently looking for anyone from the countries listed below or can speak the languages. Be it Korean or foreigners, all are welcome to apply :)



    Work: Calling companies from other countries to promote certain product 
    Working Time: It is flexible so you can always discuss with us about your time!
    Working payment: 8000 won per hour
    Location: Trade Tower near Samseong station, Seoul, South Korea

    No. of people recruiting: 1 per each countries listed below
    Working condition: Having D2 ,D4, F4, F5, F6

    1. Cambodia
    2. Thailand
    3. Indonesia
    4. Germany


    * 업무: 종자 관련 연구소 대상 인터뷰, 종자 관련 농장/시장 방문 사진촬영

    * 업무 착수시기:  3-4 (확정 안내 예정)

    * 급여: 확정 추후 안내 예정

    * 업무 조건: 아래와 같은 나라에서 거주 중인자 

    If you or anyone that you know are interested in this job offer mentioned above and would like to know more, please feel free to contact us at