Full-year Program

3 Campus East Asia allows a cohort of students to develop collectively their East Asian expertise across a full academic year calendar. Their schedule begins in the fall in Tokyo, Japan at Keio University, where their studies are built around Japanese Studies offered at the International Center. The spring semester is spent in Seoul, Korea at Yonsei University, where, among other elective subjects, they take a course on Korean modernization. Students finish their year in Hong Kong, where they all take a signature course on the Political Economy of Global Asia. All participating students are provided with an Internship and special mentoring in Hong Kong in order to bring together their academic training and curriculum with real world experience working in the East Asia office of a major international organization.


Keio(Fall) Core Course
Sample Electives
  • Japan's Postwar Resurgence (Prof. Holley)
  • Japanese Foreign Policy (Prof. Nobori and Prof. Pressello)
  • Border Crossings and Japanese Society (Prof. Tokunaga)
  • An Introduction to Japanese History (Prof. Kurashige)
  • Japanese Business and Society (Prof. Umezu)
Minimum Course Load

approx. 7 courses*

Yonsei(Spring) Core Course**
  • Modern History of Korea (Syllabus and instructor's bio will be updated soon.)
Maximum Course Load

6 courses (18 credits)

HKU(Summer) Core Course

* HKU, Yonsei and Partner University students are required to take a minimum of 7 courses at Keio University (compulsory course included).

** Keio and Yonsei students may take either course as the compulsory feeder course, but HKU students are required to take "Social Change in Modern Korea"