Half-year Program

A flexible, short-term option is offered in order to accommodate students from the Europe and the Americas whose home institution's academic curriculum cannot permit a full year of study away. Students from partner institutions will be able to study during the spring semester at Yonsei with students from Keio and HKU. This will be preceded by a tailor-made two-week program at Keio, and followed by an eight-week summer course and internship program in Hong Kong.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Letter of Nomination
  • Partner universities will send a letter of nomination to Yonsei University (sap@yonsei.ac.kr)
Step 2: Applications Specific to Each University

1. For Keio University

2. For Yonsei University

3. For The University of Hong Kong

  • Online Application Form (Link will be opened in early December 2016.)
  • TOEFL results / other proof of English proficiency
  • Copy of curriculum vitae
  • Visa Documents (to be submitted by January 31, 2017)
    • - Training Visa Application Form ID992A (with a recent photo)
    • - Letter of Consent for payment of the Training Visa application
    • - Certificate of Financial Support

Application Deadlines 2018/19

  • Nomination: September 30, 2018
  • Online Application: Keio - October 30/ Yonsei - October 31 / HKU - December 15

Dormitory Application

Apply to respective university in advance. More information about housing can be found at: