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Health Insurance for International Students

Previously, all international students at Yonsei are obligated to obtain personal health insurance to prepare for emergency situations and illness. The Korean Ministry of Education recently set guidelines stating that all international students are required to either submit their proof of insurance or purchase insurance in Korea beginning from 2015.

Approved Insurances (choose one)

1) National Health Insurance: Long-term international students staying in Korea will receive the same benefits as Koreans.
  - National Health Insurance Service (
  - Rate: Male 102,000 KRW, Female 118,000 KRW (for one year)

2) School Group Insurance: Students will pay a discounted rate to the insurance company contracted with the university.
  - Meritz Insurance(Joongang Ins Korea from December 2017): (
  - Rate: Male 102,000 KRW, Female 118,000 KRW (for one year)
  - Duration: February 24, 2018 ~ February 24, 2019
  - Inquiries regarding applications and claims: 02-722-3200,
     Kakao Talk: CLAIMS(Chinese), INSCLAIM(English))

3) Private Insurance from home country: Private insurance purchased from the home country is also valid if it is applicable in Korea.
  - Documented evidence stating the terms of policy, insurance period and personal information are required for confirmation.

How to submit (choose one)

1) Portal System: Upload your proof of health insurance on Portal System

  • Please go to Student Record – Information – Insurance tab.
  • For National Health Insurance, set the expiry date as 9999/12/31(YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Only jpg format can be uploaded.
  • Example

2) E-mail submission: Send the document via e-mail at

3) In-person submission: International Team at #S308, Baekyang Hall (Bldg.#310)