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Room - S: Student Union Building, M: Main Auditorium, T: Temporary Room near the Baseball Field

(*): language restrictions (Korean only)

Required Document
Club Main Activity and Purpose Room URL
Traditional Music Society Korean traditional orchestra S405

(Not Trick, It's Zeal)
Yonsei University's one and only magic club M B13
Jazz Feel Popularizes jazz dance S 409-3
Orpheus Performs classical guitar music S 402
Pungmulpae TTE Plays the Korean traditional intrument and learns Korean folk song M B08
Piano In Yonsei A club for students with the love for piano to come to express themselves through music M 111
*Yonsei Tea Club Learns about tea and Korean tea ceremony, builds fellowship M B04
Tongilhanmadang (Unification spot) Unification of North and South Korea M B10
Cometogether LGBT community in Yonsei M 304

(International Yonsei Community)
Engages with international students studying at Yonsei S 305 S 305
Yonsei Buddhist Association Provides studies of Buddhism gain self cultivation through studies of Buddhism and has opportunities of temple stay M B17

(Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship)
An evengelical Christian fellowship practices 'whole gospel', which emphasizes the dual responsibility of christian for evengelism and social action on Yonsei campus M B16
Manhwasarang In this club, we seek for creating original comics with three mottoes, 'freedom', 'criticism', 'creation'. Although you can't draw comics well, There's no problem for join us. Not only drawing comics, we also seek for good friendship in this club. Here, you can make your college life more pleasant with people who have 'love for comics' in common S 308
Club Seowoo Learns how to write calligraphical letters(Chinese characters as basic, and also Korean traditional alphabets) and holds exhibition M 105

An amateur swimming club Baseball Field 101
*FC YONSEI Football Club in Yonsei S 413
*IMPACT Amateur table tennis club
Hanasai Provides traditional taekkyon skills M 115

(Yonsei English Society)
Studies English and performs plays in English S 315
Hangeulmulgyeol Corrects misusage of the Korean language; runs a free bulletin board M 203

International Student Organizations

International Student Associations/Communities
Organizations URL/Contact Information
Chinese Student Association E-mail:
Malaysian Student Association E-mail:
Mongolian Student Community E-mail:
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