Student Visas

Overall Types of Visas

All foreigners do not receive the same visa. The proper visa will be issued depending on the particular situation of the individual. Please review the details below on the visas issued for professors and students.

For a Student Visa
For a Student Visa
Period of Stay Status of Stay VISA Entry Departure
More than 91 days Study (D-2)
  • A person pursuing a bachelor, a master or a doctoral degree; or engaging in a specific study at a college, university or graduate school under the Education Law Or at a educational facility set up under a provision of the special law
Passport+ Visa+ Disembarkation Card Passport + Registration Card + Re-entry Permission from Immigration Office
General Training (D-4)
  • A person planning to study Korean at a university or a language institute that is a part of a university
  • A person planning on receiving technological training or skills at a national or public research organization
Less than 90 days Temporary Visit )(C-3)
  • A person going to stay for a short period of time for general training, collecting academic datum or for other similar reasons.?
Passport + Visa + Disembarkation Card Passport

To study in Korea for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a D-2 student visa. A student visa can be obtained at a Korean consulate. It can also be extended here in Seoul without having to leave Korea.

  1. If you have a C-3 Visa or a type of short-term visa instead of a D-2 Visa, you must change your visa status within 30 days after arriving in Korea.
  2. There are two types of visas: a single entry and a multiple entry visa. If you want to travel abroad during your stay in Korea, we suggest you get a multiple entry type. The embassy or a consulate will issue you a single entry visa if you do not specifically request otherwise.
  3. If you want to take Korean language classes, you can apply for a D-4 Visa. More information is available at:
Customs Clearance

Upon arrival, you must have the following documents ready for inspection:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Flight Ticket
  • Customs Declaration Form
  • Disembarkation Card

If you have nothing to declare for customs, pass through the green line. If you have items to declare, go to the red line to process the appropriate documentation. For a detailed list of goods subject to declaration or a list of prohibited goods, please contact the Customs Information Office at Incheon International Airport at +82-32-740-7272 or +82-32-740-3333 or visit: