Message from the President

Prof. Seoung Hwan SuhPresident Yonsei University

Since its establishment in 1885, Yonsei University has been at the forefront of higher education. The "Yonsei Legacy" is a unique and powerful one. It blends tradition with the vision of maintaining its stature as one of the most modern, forward-looking, and liberal universities in Asia.

Today, Yonsei is recognized by the global community as one of the most innovative and globalized universities.

Founded on Christian values, Yonsei has played a unique role among Korean universities as a gateway for scholars and students interested in Korean and Asian studies, language and culture. Also, as Korea's window to the world, Yonsei for over a century has served as a principal conduit of knowledge flowing in and out of Korea. Such a role has propelled Yonsei's growth and will allow it to assume an even greater role in the 21st century. I firmly believe that Yonsei University's place as a leading university in the world depends on the level of its globalization. In this respect, the Office of International Affairs will continue to play a vital role in facilitating Yonsei's global push.

The numbers speak for themselves. Yonsei today has the most extensive overseas exchange network in Korea, with exchange agreements with over 700 universities worldwide. On average, Yonsei University annually sends 1,000 students abroad and receives 1,500 international students as exchange students, both representing one of the largest groups in Korea. The Yonsei International Summer School is the most successful summer program in the country, receiving over 1,500 students and Winter Abroad at Yonsei has also established itself as an unique international program.

We sincerely hope that you will experience the enduring "Yonsei Spirit."

We invite you to join us at Yonsei, the premier gateway to Asia.