Transcript requests can be made through this page.
It is the student’s responsibility to provide an accurate address of the place where the transcript should be sent.
Issuance will not be proceeded until the issuance fee payment is made.
Academic transcripts normally take 5-7 business days to process.
If there is no feedback within 7 business days after submitting the application, please notify us of the request information at

Student Information

Delivery Information

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Transcript Issuance Fee & Mailing Service Fee*

  1. Issuance Fee per Copy: KRW 2,000*
  2. Mailing Service Fees*
Transcript Issuance Fee & Mailing Service Fee
A (For Domestic) B (For Abroad)
Registered Mailing Service Fee of KRW 2,000
(Total amount including issuance fee is KRW 4,000)
Express Mailing Service Fee of KRW 23,000
(Total amount including issuance fee is KRW 25,000)

University Bank Account Information for Wire Transfer

  • Name: Woori Bank, Yonsei Branch
  • Account No.: 126-000066-18-563
  • Swift Code: HVBKKRSE
  • Important Note: International Wire Transfer must be made by Equivalent USD.
  • Bank Fees for both side banking service are responsible of sender's, and it must be considered by sender at the time of remittance.

Notice on Personal Data Collection, Use and Provision

  • Purpose(s) of Collection and Use : Transcript Issuance and delivery service
  • Items of Collection and Use : Student’s Name, Email Address, Program Year, Date of Birth, Delivery Information
  • Period of Retention and Use : 3 months

※ You have the right to refuse agreement to the collection and use of personal data, in which case you may not be able to use the service set forth in the Purpose(s) of Collection and Use.