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  • [Fall 2022] Mentors Club Halloween Party Location and Important Precautions

    2022.10.26 정수현 8430
  • Dear Fall 2022 SAY exchange and visiting students,

    Greetings from Yonsei OIA.
    Below is on behalf of Mentors Club, and the announcement is subject to those who are planning to attend Mentors Club Halloween Party Event this upcoming Thursday.
    Please contact Mentors Club directly for any inquiries and additional information : Kakao ID @mentorsclub, Instagram @mentorsclub_yonsei 



    Pumpkin Itaewon @pumpkin_loungeclub

    [Important Precautions]
    -As there will be a large number of people attending the venue, any issue can trigger serious accidents or injuries. We value the safety and security of all people in attendance, so we want to ensure action is taken straightaway.

    -If any issues arise, please contact the staff immediately. The staff is trained to handle these situations so DO NOT try to solve the issue on your own. Please contact one of our members and we will resolve the issue.

    -Any individual that may cause property damage, initiate fights or cause any other trouble is entitled to be charged for their penalties. Legal action will be taken, and we will take these issues and inform international affairs of your school.

    -Pumpkin is the host of this event, and therefore entrance is entirely up to the club. If you are not in dress code, too drunk, or displaying disruptive behavior, you will be rejected.

    -If you are rejected due to the clubs policies, the tickets are non-refundable (as we have informed you upon purchase)

    -IDs will strictly be checked at the door. If you were born after 31/12/2003, you will be unable to enter the club, as you are underage in Korea

    - We can't bring any alcohol you get from outside of the club such as drinks you buy at convenient stores.

    (Only for Yonsei University Students)
    - Bring your student ID card if you :
    => have no ticket & are Yonsei University students.