Notice (SAY)

  • [Fall 2023] Mandatory Course Survey

    2023.10.10 정수현 2276
  • Dear Fall 2023 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,

    All Yonsei students are required to participate in the course survey of all registered courses in the Fall 2023 semester.

    Students must complete the survey before they are given access to their final grades at the end of the semester.

    Students who do not complete the survey for each of their courses during the course survey period will not be able to check their course grades.

    Your thoughtfulness would be highly appreciated, as the professors take your opinion into account in improving their courses, and survey result would be disclosed for future students as reference in selecting courses.


    1. Course Survey Period



    2nd (Final)

    Course Survey

    2023. 10. 20.(Fri) ~ 11. 2.(Thur)

    2023. 12. 22.(Fri) ~ 2024. 1. 4.(Thur)

    Criteria Period

    2023. 10. 20.(Fri) ~ 10. 26.(Thur)
    Midterm Period

    2023. 12. 29.(Fri) ~ 2024. 1. 4.(Thur)
    View & Appeal for Final Grade

     Students can view their final grades only if they have completed the final course survey without missing out on any of the survey questions.


    2. Directions

    Go to Yonsei Portal Services (  Log-in (Input ID & Password) ⇒ Academic Information System  Academic Management System  Click on ‘Course’  Click on ‘Course Evaluation’ ⇒ Press the 'Survey' button for each course


    3. Notices

    A. Some courses (ex. graduate level courses, KLI courses) may not be subject to course survey; if such courses' survey do not show up, then you don't need to worry about them.

    B. From 2012 Fall Semester, you can participate in the survey on the course information sharing after viewing the instructional video clip regarding its major objective, purpose, attitude, etc.

    C. Students cannot make amendments once the response is saved.

    D. Though the survey process is conducted anonymously, it is students’ responsibility to provide honest yet constructive feedback.

        Open ended questions provide the opportunity to make useful suggestions to the professors; please do so in a positive and productive manner.

    E. We advise you to conduct your course survey early as the online server may be overloaded with students on the first day of grade check.

    F. Students who are taking Laboratory/Practice Courses should participate in additional surveys regarding Teaching Assistants’ laboratory experiment sessions.

    G. Students who are taking Online Courses should participate in additional surveys regarding the online courses.