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  • [2019 Fall] Course Withdrawal Period

    2019.09.17 김지훈 1411

    Course Withdrawal for 2019 Fall Semester


    1. Course Withdrawal Period: October 1st(Tue) 09:00 ~ 4th(Fri) 23:59        

    2. Directions
      Yonsei Portal Services ( ⇒ Academic Information System ⇒ Academic Management System(Degree Programs) ⇒ Course ⇒ Course Enrollment  ⇒ Apply for withdrawal


    3. Notes
      A. When a student withdraws from a course, (s)he may not register for any other course in its place.
      B. The minimum course load of nine (9 credits) must be maintained even after your course withdrawal has been made.
          Please check minimum credit requirement for home institution, visa, scholarship program, etc. before dropping a course.
      C. Withdrawn courses will be exempt from evaluation and will not appear on the transcript.
      D. Please be advised that the withdrawn courses will not disappear from your personal class schedule table.
      E. After withdrawing from a course during the designated period, please verify that the course has indeed been deleted by checking
         the course enrollment list on the Yonsei Portal System.
      F. No further change may be made to the course enrollment after the withdrawal period.