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  • [2019 Fall] Course Evaluation, Grade Check and Correction, Transcript

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    Study Abroad at Yonsei Program Survey (Dec 6(Fri.), 2019 ~ Dec 27(Fri.), 2019)

    1. Check your email title: [Yonsei U] 2019 Spring Study Abroad at Yonsei Program Survey from December 6th.

    2. Declare or do not declare your student ID number

    3. Submit program survey


    - Your participation in program survey is valuable to enhance the quality of the program for future participants.

    - Survey participants who declared their student ID number in the survey will be granted with a one-time free transcript issuance and delivery via regular air mail, in addition to one free copy of transcript that our office sends to your home university (or study abroad office).


    Course Evaluation (Dec 2(Mon.), 2019 ~ Jan 3(Fri.), 2020)

    - Students are required to complete Course evaluation to view grades.

    1. Log in at Yonsei Portal (

    2. Academic Information System ⇒ Academic Management System ⇒ Log-in (Input ID, Password)

    3. Click on ‘Course’ ⇒ Click on ‘Course Evaluation’ ⇒ ‘Save’ after Course Evaluation


    - Though the evaluation process is conducted anonymously, it is the students’ responsibility to provide honest yet constructive feedback. Open ended questions provide the opportunity to make useful suggestions to the professors; please do so in a positive and productive manner.

    - Students cannot make amendments once the survey is saved.

    - We advise you to conduct your course evaluation early as the online server may be overloaded with students on the first day of grade check.


    Grade Check and Correction Period (Dec 30(Mon.), 2019 ~ Jan 3(Fri.), 2020)

    Students (who completed Course Evaluation) can access and view their grades from December 30, 2019, via Yonsei Portal Service. If your grades do not match what your instructor has informed you, please contact the instructor of the course as soon as possible because all changes must be made before the end date of the grade check and correction period.

    After the grade check and correction period, instructors cannot change grades.


    How to view grades

    1. Log on to Yonsei Portal Services (

    2. Academic Information System ⇒ Academic Management System ⇒ Log-in (Input ID, Password)

    3. Click on ‘Course’ ⇒ Click on ‘Grading Browse’


    Official Transcript Issuance (After January 28, subject to change)

    One official copy of your academic transcript will be posted regular mail after January 28, 2020 to your home university or study abroad institution as follows:

    -Exchange students: Will be automatically sent to Home University

    -Non-exchange student: Check your home university address at Yonsei Portal Service by January 3, 2020.

    *Home university nominated students and CIEE students’ official transcripts will be send to home university and CIEE.

    To request for additional transcripts, refer the OIA website: (Your individual transcript request will be accepted after January 28, 2020)

    Please understand that it usually takes 2~3 weeks to be delivered by regular airmail.


    University address Change deadline (by January 3, 2020) - only for Non-exchange student

    If you wish to modify your home university address, please change the University Address in your student record at Yonsei Portal Service. After this date your address cannot be changed.

    1. Log on to Yonsei Portal Service ( and go to Academic Information System > Academic Management System.

    2. Select Student Record > Information > Modification of Personal Data menu.

    3. Change your University Address, then click Save.

    4. Please be reminded that you must update your University Address, NOT Permanent Address.

    * Please check your home university address very carefully. Your transcript may not be delivered if you do not provide the correct address.


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