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  • [2020 Spring] Course Catalogue / Academic Guideline

    2019.12.23 김지훈 2303

    2019 Spring semester Online Course Catalogue is open!


    Some information still needs updating, and the course syllabus will be uploaded by the end of January, 2020.


    Please visit Yonsei Portal Service ( to check out course catalogue for 2020 spring semester.

    Plase note that course list, requirement and availability(whether it is available for exchange and visiting students or not) can be changed without notification.


    Furthermore, please read attached "Exchange & Visiting Academic Guideline" for details.



    Select Major at Yonsei and year of study by January 15, 2020 (Korean Standard Time)


    All students are required to select Yonsei Major by January15, 2020 (Korean Standard Time) and it is student’s responsibility for any disadvantages from course registration by not selecting major at Yonsei. You can do this by logging into your on-line application.


    2020 Spring semester Course Enrollment Schedule


    Course Registration Period Date/Time(Korean Standard Time)


    Round 1: Mileage Bidding Process February 10th 09:00 am ~ 11th 17:00 pm


    Notification of Results: February 12th 16:00 pm ~ 13th 08:59am


    Round 2: Waiting Number System (*) February 13th 09:00 am ~ 14th 17:00 pm


    Course Add & Drop Period (*) March 5th 08:00 am ~ 9th 17:00 pm

    (*)Remaining seats will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.


    If your health insurance document is not submitted and approved, your access to Yonsei Portal Service will be blocked. For continuing students, the login credential is the same as Fall 2019 semester.

    Different colleges and departments at Yonsei University have various rules and regulations for their courses, especially on behalf of Department of Business Administration and Underwood International College, the Office of International Affairs would like to inform students of important policies.



    Department of Business Administration (Course code: BIZ)


    Courses offered by the Department of Business Administration are exclusive to business major students only. Exchange/Visiting students who select their major at Yonsei as Department of Business Administration can take up to 4 courses offered from the Department of Business Administration.



    Underwood International College (Sinchon Campus)


    To register for the Underwood International College courses, students should select Underwood International College majors for their Yonsei major.

    A. Round 1: UIC course enrollment is only available to Yonsei students. Some UIC courses that are jointly offered by other departments may or may not be available to exchange/visiting students for course enrollment according to the joint department's academic policy.

    B. Round 2: Exchange/Visiting students will have access to some UIC courses for enrollment on a space available basis. For those courses that have remaining seats, the course information in the Exchange column of the course catalogue will change from X to O.

    C. Further Restrictions

    Exchange/Visiting students are not allowed to register the courses offered at the International Campus (Songdo, Incheon) and the courses offered from the following UIC departments: HASS-Asian Studies, HASS-Information and Interaction Design, HASS-Creative Technology Management, HASS-Culture and Design Management, HASS-Justice and Civil Leadership, HASS-Quantitative Risk Management, HASS-Science, Technology, and Policy, HASS-Sustainable Development and Cooperation, ISED-Nano Science and Engineering, ISED-Energy & Environmental Science and Engineering, ISED-Bio-Convergence.


    If there are any updates or exceptions of UIC policy for course registration, they will be notified to students via email and notified at Notice board of OIA website.


    Intensive Korean Language Courses (Course code: KLI)


    To register for the Intensive Korean Language Courses, students must register in Round 1 or Round 2 only.


    After this period, students cannot register Intensive Korean Language Courses.


    A. Course Registration: KLI course enrollment is possible during Round 1 and Round 2 only. However, it is recommended that students register for KLI courses during Round 2 (Waiting Number System) because KLI courses have unlimited seats and students are advised to use their allotted mileage points for other, more competitive courses during Round 1.


    B. Placement Test: It is mandatory to take placement test at 16:00 pm on March 2, 2020 at the KLI building. Students who registered for Level 1 are exempt from taking a placement test. Students who completed a certain level of KLI in the previous semesters should pursue to take the next KLI level.


    C. Placement Test results: Test results will be posted at the lobby of KLI building on 15:00 pm, March 3, 2020. Classes will begin right away from 16:00 pm.


    Students who wish to cancel their KLI course registration must drop the course during Course Add & Drop period.