Notice (SAY)

  • [Fall 2021] Exchange/Visiting student Program Extension Form (Submission Date: May 1 ~ May 15, 2021)

    2021.04.06 Manager 3417

    Greetings from Yonsei International Affairs Team. 


    We would like to inform you about the semester extension for the 2021 Fall semester.


    Please refer to the below information if you want to apply for the semester extension.

    Attached file is the program extension form for 2021 Spring semester students.


    Application Period: May 1 ~ May 15, 2021(Korean Time)


    Things to Consider before you apply: 


    1. Please note that this procedure does not apply to students wishing to extend beyond one academic year. 


    2. Please be minded that our course registration and Yonsei Major policy are subject to change in the future, so please try finding the newest version of our Academic Guideline if any further updates occur. 


    3. Yonsei University’s extension approval doesn’t guarantee his or her visa extension.


    4. If one needs to change the program from ‘exchange’ to ‘visiting (fee-paying basis)’, s/he should submit a new application for the visiting student program.(Please contact International Affairs Team  / e-mail:


    5. If you plan to leave Korea and come back after break, please check if your visa(Foreigner's Registration Card) holds sufficient dates for you to successfully come back for your study. 


    6. Extension results will be announced in early June via e-mail.



    Please check the application form thoroughly for more information.