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  • [Fall 2021] Online Orientation Gathertown Invitation Link

    2021.08.23 Manager 720

    Greetings from Yonsei University. 
    We would like to inform you about the online orientation which will help your study at Yonsei University for Fall 2021. 
    The online orientation is NOT mandatory. Please note that you can also find the orientation materials from the OIA website link. (
    A. Online Orientation: 10:00 am ~ 11:30 am on August 24th (GMT+9) 
    The Online Orientation for Fall 2021 will start at 10:00 am on August 24th (GMT+9) through the system called Gathertown, a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions. Below is the Gathertown invitation link where you will be able to access the system from 10:00 am tomorrow, August 24th (The system is locked until then). Please refer to the video location below and the attached Gathertown Manual. 
    Gathertown Invitation Link:
    ■ Video Location in Gathertown  
    Video Location
    Welcome Remarks by the Vice President of OIA  At the Underwood Statue
    Academic Information by Associate Vice President of OIA  In front of Auditorium
    Yonsei Promotional Video  At the Eagle Statue
    Regional Managers' Booth  In front of the Underwood Statue
    YISS/WAY Manager's Booth
    SK Global House's Booth
    Yonsei Central Library's Booth  Inside the Central Library
    Campus & Sinchon life Video  Stairs in front of the Eagle Statue
    Crime Prevention Education  At the Main Gate of Yonsei
    Dance Club "FEVER" Video  At the Baekyang Ro
    OIA Activity Clubs
    (Mentors Club, Yonsei Global, Yonsei Annals)
     In front of the Kumho Art Hall