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  • [Spring 2022] Regarding Korean National Health Insurance(NHIS)

    2022.04.20 정수현 267
  • Dear Spring 2022 exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,
    Many of you should have started receiving your D-2 Alien Registration Card(ARC) and along with that, the request for Korean National Health Insurance(NHIS) payment.
    Please refer to the following announcement regarding who is automatically registered to NHIS, how to be exempt from it, and contact NHIS directly to check whether you have been registered and how you can receive the bill.

    1. Eligible Subjects

     International students, foreigners, and overseas Koreans


    2. Enrollment Time

    Visa Type

    Enrollment Time

    Overseas study(D-2)

    First entry  Alien registration date

    Re-entry  Re-entry date

    Overseas Korean students and foreign nationality Korean students

    On the date of admission into a school

    (if a copy of the proof enrollment is submitted)


     If you receive medical coverage equivalent to medical care benefits (Article 41 of the National Health Insurance Act) by foreign laws, from foreign insurance, or under the contract with your employer, you may apply for exemption from the subscription. Please contact NHIS directly regarding your exemption.


    3. Contributions

     (Contributions Payment)

    - (Due Date) The contribution for the next month is due by the 25th of the current month (prepayment).

     (Example) Contribution for April 2021 payable by March 25, 2021 (billed around the 10th of each month)

    - (Payment Method) Automatic transfer (from your bank account or credit card), website, NHIS branch office, bank

        • (Applying for electronic billing, Automatic Transfer or Registering a Refund Account): Call or visit the website or NHIS branch office to apply.

    - You may apply for electronic (email or mobile) billing instead of receiving a paper bill

    - Apply for automatic transfer debit for easy payment. Register a bank account to receive refunds quickly.


    4. Disadvantages with Nonpayment of Contributions

     (Restrictions on Health Insurance Benefits) Health Insurance benefits at medical care institutions are unavailable from the first day of the month following the deadline until the contribution is fully paid.


    5. NHIS Contact Information

    Tel. 1577-1000

    Dial 7 for information on foreign languages

    Tel. 033-811-2000

    Service in foreign languages

    (English, Chinese, Vietnamese and available)

     Service Hours: 9:00am~6:00pm on weekdays