Notice (SAY)

  • [Fall 2022] SAY Program Extension up to Spring 2023

    2022.10.25 정수현 687
    • Dear Fall 2022 students who participated in SAY Program for only 1 semester,

      Greetings from Yonsei OIA.
      We would like to inform you about SAY program participation extension up to Spring 2023 semester.
      Please refer to the below information if you wish to apply for semester extension and submit the attached extension form as well as other required documents by November 8th(Tue) 11:59PM, 2022.
      For Exchange and Group Visiting students, in addition, please have your home university coordinator(or institution coordinator like CIEE, USAC, ISEP) contact the below coordinator directly by November 8th(Tue) 11:59PM, 2022 requesting for your program extension.
      Exchange Program - The Americas Manager :
      Exchange Program - Asia & Oceania Manager :
      Exchange Program - Europe Manager :
      Visiting Program :
      Submission Period: KST November 1st(Tue) 9AM ~ November 8th(Tue) 11:59PM, 2022
      ※ Submission beyond this period will not be considered whatsoever.

      Things to Consider before you apply:
      1. This procedure does not apply to students wishing to extend beyond one academic year (for both exchange and visiting combined, you can attend up to only 2 semesters in total at Yonsei).
      2. Course registration and Yonsei major policy are subject to change.
      3. Yonsei University’s extension approval does not guarantee the student's Alien Registration Card extension which is determined solely by the Immigration Office.
      4. If you plan to depart from Korea and come back after break, please check if your visa/Alien Registration Card has enough duration of stay in KoreaPlease refer to Fall 2022 semester student handbook page 36 and apply for Alien Registration Card extension before your ARC expires after you receive our extension approval.
      5. Extension results will be announced within November via e-mail.
      6. Individual Visiting (Fee-paying basis) students whose extension has been approved by Yonsei OIA must pay their tuition fee by November 25th(Fri), 2022 after receiving our approval email and invoice.
      Thank you.