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  • [Spring 2023] Yonsei Global Free Language Class(FLC) Tutor Recruitment

    2023.02.28 정수현 6612
  • Dear Spring 2023 SAY exchange and visiting students,

    Greetings from Yonsei OIA.
    Below is on behalf of Yonsei Global, one of Yonsei OIA student organizations designed to interact and provide cultural experience to exchange and visiting students.
    Please contact Yonsei Global directly for any inquiries and additional information regarding the below.


    [Apply as a Tutor for the Free Language Class Program]


    Dear exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings, this is the 2023-1 Yonsei Global Free Language Class (FLC) team. We hope you are having a great time here at Yonsei University.

    In this respect, we would like to offer the chance to be a tutor for Free Language Class program on the Yonsei University campus!



    Tutors of the FLC program will be selected through an application and interview process.

    Tutors must be either exchange or Yonsei University students whose course language is their native language.

    At least 6 lessons have to be held per semester, 2 hours per lesson.

    Tutors and students are free to organize their class activities and schedules autonomously.


     Application period: 2. 27 (Mon) ~ 3. 5 (Sun)


     Class period: 3. 27 (Mon) ~ 5. 26 (Fri)



    1. The FLC program is based on the volunteer work of Yonsei students (a certificate approved by Yonsei Global will be issued at the end of the term). The responsibility of the tutor is imperative.

    2. The FLC program is a free program, but there is a deposit fee of 50,000 won to encourage responsibility. The deposit is due on the day of the Orientation and will be returned to every tutor who has completed at least the minimum requirement of 4 out of the 6 lessons.

    3. The Orientation on March 20th (Mon) at 7 pm will not only be the first meeting between the tutor and the students but also be the chance for the tutor and the students to organize and coordinate the details of their classes. Students who do not attend the Orientation will be excluded from the list of program participants. More information for Orientation will be announced at a later date.

    4. There are no classes during the exam period (including a week before). (4/10~4/28)

    5. Orientation, Ending Ceremony and 6 classes will be held face-to-face. (However, the tutor interview will be conducted online.)


     How to apply

    Applicants are received through the google form linked below by March 5th (Sun).



    Interviews will be held on March 7th (Tue) ~ 8th (Wed). Interviewee will be contacted on March 6th (Mon).