Notice (SAY)

  • [Spring 2023] Course Final Withdrawal Period

    2023.04.13 정수현 1584
  • Dear Spring 2023 exchange and visiting students (who applied for more than 9 credits only),

    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,

    We would like to remind you about the Course Final Withdrawal Period for Spring 2023 as the following:


    [Course Final Withdrawal Period: April 27th(Thur) 9:00AM ~ May 1st(Mon) 11:59PM KST]


    1. Direction

    Go to Yonsei Portal Services (  Academic Information System  Courses ⇒ Application for withdrawal of course ⇒ Select course to withdraw and apply


    2. Notice

    Withdrawal can be done through the Yonsei Portal Service only and it is solely the student's own responsibility to withdraw from a course. Yonsei OIA does not withdraw a course for any students during this period whatsoever.

    The course withdrawal period is your last chance to drop from your course. No further change can be made to your course list after the final withdrawal period.

    - When a student withdraws from a course, he/she cannot add a new course for that vacant spot.

    - The minimum course load of nine (9) credits must be maintained even after a course withdrawal has been made for the student to remain enrolled in our SAY program.

    - Withdrawn courses will be exempt from GPA evaluation. However, withdrawn courses will/may remain on your personal class schedule timetable.

    - Withdrawn courses will not appear at all on your official transcript (not even "W").

    - After withdrawing from a course during the designated withdrawal period, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that the course has indeed been withdrawn by checking the course enrollment list on the Yonsei Portal System(NOT LearnUS): Yonsei Portal  Academic Information System  Courses  Course registration details


    For more details, please refer to the attached guideline.