Notice (SAY)

  • [Fall 2023] Course Registration Approval Form during Course Add & Drop Period [September 5th(Tue)~7th(Thur)]

    2023.08.22 정수현 1500
  • Dear Fall 2023 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,

    has ended today at 5PM KST.
    You will NOT be able to access the Course Enrollment page until the <Course Add & Drop Period> on September 5th(Tue) 8AM ~ 7th(Thur) 5PM KST, so please do not attempt to login until then.
    The <Course Add & Drop Period> is your LAST CHANCE TO ENROLL to a course (as for dropping a course, there is the Course Final Withdrawal Period in late October).
    You can LOGIN to Yonsei Portal from 7AM KST and prepare your wish list in advance for faster registration process. The COURSE ADD & DROP itself will start at 8AM KST.
    If you still fail to register for courses you wish to take during the above period, your can utilize the attached "Course Registration Approval Form" through the following process:
    1. Have the attached "Course Registration Approval Form" signed(approved) by the professor in charge of the course.
    - You can find the contact information of the professor from the course syllabus. If you cannot find the contact in the current syllabus, please search it in the past syllabus.
    Please note that the professor has the full authority to refuse to sign the approval form if he/she is not willing to accept additional students due to classroom capacity issue, etc.
    2. Submit the form to below email address starting from September 5th(Tue) 9AM ~ 7th(Thur) 5PM KST(do NOT submit before or after this period!)
    - BIZ courses → Submit to (Business Administration Office)
    - All other courses besides BIZ courses → Submit to (Yonsei OIA)
    ※ Submission after September 7th(Thur) 5:00 PM KST will NOT BE ACCEPTED whatsoever!
    ※ Before you submit the signed form to our office, please make sure that
    A. The schedule of this course does not conflict/overlap with any other courses you’ve already registered OR in your wait list
    B. Your maximum credits (18 for undergraduate, 15 for graduate) INCLUDING your wait list have not been exceeded yet
    C. This course must be removed from your waiting list for Yonsei OIA to register it to your Confirm List
    In principle, exchange and visiting students cannot register for courses with “Eligibility of Exchange Student” column marked as “N”.
    However, if you receive the Course Registration Approval Form signed by the professor (please make a polite and sincere request to the professor), our office can make request for FINAL approval from the department office in charge of that course.
    Thus, please note that Course Registration Approval Form with the professor’s signature DOES NOT GUARANTEE your final course registration.
    Our office will try to get back to you via email regarding your approval result ASAP during this period, so we ask for your patience.