Notice (SAY)

  • [Fall 2023] Notice regarding Yonsei-LearnUs Video Lecture Attendance

    2023.08.24 정수현 2577
  • Dear Fall 2023 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,
    As the first day of Fall 2023 semester is fast approaching, we would like to give you some important notices regarding Yonsei LearnUs video lecture attendance system for those who are taking online video classes.
    Even for those who are taking all offline classes, you will need to utilize LearnUs to communicate with your professors and check their official announcements.
    LearnUs Link: → Click "Portal Login" → Same account as Yonsei Portal
    In Yonsei LearnUs video lectures, "video viewer active time" and the "actual video play time" are two different components.
    "Video viewer active time" starts counting when the student opens the video viewer, while "actual video play time" starts when the student clicks "play" and the video starts running.

    Only the actual video play time is considered "recognized learning hours," which counts towards student's attendance.

    Recognized learning hours may not be reflected to a student's attendance score if
    (1) the student watches the video lecture outside their designated watching period
    (2) the student simultaneously opened several tabs to watch multiple videos at once
    (3) the video was left to run with no signs of other computer activity.
    Please make sure to check whether your attendance has been reflected correctly after each video lecture,
    and contact the professor and LearnUs team(02-2123-7404) immediately if you have issues with your video lecture attendance.