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  • [Spring 2024] Dormitory Application and Possible Options for Off-Campus Housing

    2023.12.12 정수현 1491
  • Dear Spring 2024 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Warm greetings from Yonsei Office of International Affairs,
    From now on, this email address will send you important announcements regarding SAY students' academics and Yonsei life, so please keep an eye on it.
    You can also find the same announcements at our Yonsei OIA Notice page (, so please visit this site and check our updates frequently.
    The following is regarding Spring 2024 dormitory application and off-campus housing options.

    1. Dormitory Application Guide:
    ※ Please refer to the above link and the attached "[Spring 2024] HOUSING APPLICATION PROCEDURE" guide for more details
    A. Login Account: you won't be able to login to Yonsei Portal until December 20th(Wed), 2023
    1) For newly admitted
    -ID = Your Admission Number (starts with SAY24~can be found in your Letter of Acceptance sent via email)
    -Initial PW = Your Date of Birth in YYMMDD (For example, 000512 if your date of birth is May 12th, 2000)
    ※You must set your permanent password after logging in with your initial password
    2) For continuing students from Fall 2023
    -ID = Your Student ID Number (starts with 202384~)
    -PW = Your Yonsei Portal password
    B. Dormitory Contact Information: contact here if you need to reset your password(for newly admitted students) and/or have any inquiries regarding dormitory
    1) SK Global House
    - Phone: +82-2-2123-7481
    2) International House(I-House)
    - Phone: +82-2-2123-4616
    C. Application for Spring 2024: starts from KS10AM, December 20th(Wed), 2023.
    Dormitory spots are taken by first-come, first-served basis; please note that spots fill up very quickly due to limited spots available!
    2. Off-Campus Housing Options and Information
    Below are some possible options for your off-campus housing during your stay in Korea as well as specific guide to student housing(including types of student housing) in Seoul you may want to refer.
    Even though we provide information, please note that Yonsei holds NO affiliation with the housing service provider mentioned.
    -Information provided by Yonsei GOSC: