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  • [Spring 2024] Course Registration Reminder

    2024.02.07 정수현 307
  • Dear Spring 2024 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei Office of International Affairs.

    As the Spring 2024 course registration starts one week from now, we would like to remind you of important information which was already included in our attached Spring 2024 SAY Program Academic Guideline (attached 1).
    [Spring 2024 Course Registration]
    1. Spring 2024 Course Registration Schedule (KST, GMT+9)


    (*) Remaining seats will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can login to the Course Enrollment system 1 hour earlier to check the remaining quota for each courses and create/amend their wish list in advance for faster registration process. There is no separate result announcement date; students will have to check whether they got into a course by frequently accessing the website.


    Login for Course Registration is possible from February 14th(Wed) 9:00 AM KST.

    Please note that the course list, requirement, and availability (whether it is available for exchange/visiting students to take or not) can change by each department/college without prior notice.

    All students CANNOT change their year of study and Yonsei major they've chosen during the application period at this point in time.


    2. Important Notes 

         A. Department of Business Administration Courses (Course code: BIZ) 

    -Courses offered by the Department of Business Administration are strictly available ONLY to exchange/visiting students who are majoring in a business-related field at their home institution AND have chosen Business Administration as their Yonsei major in their SAY application.

    -Students who qualify may take a maximum of 4 BIZ courses (12 credits) only (registration beyond this limit will be automatically de-registered by our office without further notice to the student)

         B. Underwood International College Courses

      Courses offered by the Underwood International College(UIC) have different rules for each major. Thus, please check the course catalogue for individual course availability for exchange/visiting students.

    - During Round 1: UIC course registration is only available to exchange/visiting students who chose their Yonsei major as UIC. Some UIC courses that are jointly offered by other departments may or may not be available to exchange/visiting students for course registration according to the joint department's academic policy.

    - During Round 2: Exchange/visiting students will have access to UIC course registration based on spaces available.

    - Restrictions: Exchange/Visiting students are not allowed to register to courses offered at the International Campus (Songdo, Incheon) and from the following UIC departments: HASS-Asian Studies, HASS-Information and Interaction Design, HASS-Creative Technology Management, HASS-Culture and Design Management, HASS-Justice and Civil Leadership, HASS-Quantitative Risk Management, HASS-Science, Technology, and Policy, HASS-Sustainable Development and Cooperation, ISED-Nano Science and Engineering, ISED-Energy & Environmental Science and Engineering, ISED-Bio-Convergence.

         C. Graduate Level Courses

    -Graduate courses are strictly open to graduate level students and senior(4th-year) level undergraduate students only.

    -Senior(4th-year) level undergraduates can register up to 1 graduate course only (registration beyond this limit will be automatically de-registered by our office without further notice to the student).

      However, you must check whether the graduate course allows undergraduate students or is exclusively open to graduate students only.

         D. Korean Language Institute Courses (Course Code: IEE1011~1013, KLI1001 ~ 1006) 

    - Course Registration: Basic Korean(IEE1011~1013) and Intensive Korean(KLI1001~1006) courses are offered by the Korean Language Institute(KLI).

    A placement test to determine your Korean language proficiency will be held and you will be placed to the appropriate level class afterwards.

    KLI course enrollment is possible during Round 1 and Round 2 only (meaning, impossible during Course Add & Drop Period.)

    Since the placement test occurs before the Course Add & Drop Period, students will not be allowed to enroll in KLI courses during the Add & Drop period.

    We recommend that students register for KLI courses during Round 2 (Waiting Number System) because KLI courses have unlimited spots and students are advised to use their allotted mileage points for other, more competitive courses during Round 1.

    - Placement Test: Based on your test result, you will be moved automatically to your proper level during the Add & Drop Period.

    Meaning, the course level that you are placed to may DIFFER from the course level you initially registered to.

    Students who have not studied Korean before are exempt from taking a placement test and must register for Level 1.

    Students who completed a certain level of KLI in the previous semesters should pursue to take the next KLI level. 

    It is mandatory to take an offline placement test as the following (those who cannot take the offline test for whatever reason will be automatically placed to Level 1 without exception).


    - Placement Test Results: Test results will be posted on KLI website.

    ※ Your KLI course levels will be AUTOMATICALLY adjusted in Yonsei Portal based on your placement test results. DO NOT make ANY changes to your KLI registration status during the Course Add & Drop Period (except when you choose to withdraw from the course entirely); doing so will permanently remove your spot in the KLI course and the system cannot be modified/altered whatsoever.

    ※ Students who wish to cancel their KLI course registration permanently must drop the course during the Course Add & Drop period AND notify KLI office immediately.


    - KLI Contact Information: / 02-2123-3464



    [Yonsei Portal (] → Login is possible from February 14th(Wed) 9:00 AM KST!


    1. Visit our portal website: 
    2. Log in with your ID and PW 
    - Username: Student ID number (starts with 202484****) sent to you via email titled “[Yonsei U] Confirmation of Registration” ***
    - Initial PW: For newly admitted, your date of birth in “YYMMDD” format (ex. 2001.02.23. → 010223). For those who were here from Fall 2023, the same password that you created last semester.
    *** In case you have not received automatic emails from SAY application page, you can view all of the emails sent to you after logging into SAY website.
    Please login to the SAY website → click "Application Status" → click "Sent email history" → view each email by clicking the title.
    3. After your first login, you will see the password change request pop-up window as below.
        Please set your own personal/permanent password right away when you see the pop-up; otherwise you will have to request Yonsei OIA to reset your password EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to login.
        If you do not see any pop-ups, please remove any pop-up preventions you might have implemented and/or try logging in through other devices.
    4. If you type the wrong log-in information more than 5 times, your account will be locked. Please contact along with your Student ID Number requesting for your PW reset.

    [LearnUs (]



    - LearnUs is Yonsei’s online blackboard service that professors use to communicate with students, make official announcements, provide lecture notes and course materials, and collect assignments.
    - LearnUs Login Account: Click on “Portal Login” to access the system → Same as your login account for Yonsei Portal Service
    - LearnUs Manual (attached 2): Visit LearnUs Website( → Change the language to English → Click ‘Manual’ button on the bottom → Click ‘Student Manual’ tab → Click ‘YONSEI University LearnUs Student Manual (English Version)’
    For more details, please refer to the attached "[Spring 2024] Yonsei SAY Program Academic Guideline."