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  • [Spring 2024] Alien Registration(ARC) Group Service

    2024.02.22 정수현 618
  • Dear Spring 2024 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,


    All D-2(student) visa holders must mandatorily apply for an Alien Registration Card(ARC) within 90 days from their arrival date to Korea in accordance with Korean Immigration Policy.

    For your convenience, Yonsei Global One-Stop Service Center(GOSC) will be operating Alien Registration(ARC) group service through HireVisa organization.

    If you have not yet applied for an ARC individually through Seoul Southern Immigration Office, please utilize the group service below.

    Official announcement can be found at


    1. Working Hours and Services Provided


    Service Provided

    Working Hours







    Alien Registration(ARC)



    March 4th(Mon) 9AM

    ~12th(Tue) 6PM KST


    41,000 KRW


    Online at



    ARC Extension 

    (for those who already have an ARC from previous programs)



    February 19th(Mon) 9AM

    ~March 20th(Wed6PM KST


    71,000 KRW

    ※ Required documents and procedures can be found at the link above.

    ※ All application process will be notified to you by HireVisa email. Please be sure to provide a valid email address and double check when applying (QQ mail is difficult to receive, so please input another mail).


    2. Alien Registration (takes about 8 weeks to complete)

    A. Process: Apply online ( > Fingerprint Registration > ARC Distribution at the end of April(expected) 

        ※ Processing time could be delayed depending on the schedule of the immigration office.

    B. Expected dates & location of fingerprint registration and ARC distribution: further notice will be sent via email once decided. 

    C. It is mandatory for all D-2 visa holders to apply for an Alien Registration Card within 90 days from their arrival date to Korea.

    If you exceed this period, you will have to pay fines (200,000~1,000,000 KRW) to the Immigration Office according to their Immigration Policy.

    You may also be held forcefully at the airport and not allowed to depart when you try to depart from Korea, so please apply for an ARC mandatorily!

    D. You must be in Korea right now to proceed. Those who are currently abroad cannot utilize this service.

    E. International students CANNOT leave Korea until they have received their Alien Registration Card. Otherwise, their D-2 visa will be cancelled and they will have to re-apply for D-2 visa from the very beginning when they come back.

    F. Students must apply individually by visiting the Seoul Southern Immigration Office if they cannot use the group service above (reservation required before visiting in person at HiKorea website

    G. How to issue Yonsei Certificate of Enrollment: 

    All exchange and visiting students who are currently attending SAY Program (Spring, Fall) can issue their own Certificate of Enrollment through Yonsei Portal(
    Please login to Yonsei Portal( → click Academic Information System → click International Student Exchange → click Certificate of Exchange Student Enrollment → Print.
    There is no special paper for this certificate, so you can print on your own on a regular A4 and Yonsei OIA will not print one for you.


    3. ARC Extension (takes about 6 weeks to complete)

    A. You must be in Korea to proceed. Those who are currently abroad cannot utilize this service.

    B. This is only subject to those who already have an ARC from previous programs (Fall 2023, WAY 2023) and need to extend their ARC.

    C. Please check your “Duration of Stay” by visiting


    For any inquiries related to the group service, please contact HireVisa directly through the Q&A link (

    Consultation is available in Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese.