Notice (SAY)

  • [Spring 2024] Yonsei Wifi and Library Account

    2024.02.23 정수현 218
  • Dear Spring 2024 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,
    Below is about how to access Yonsei wifi and library website.
    [Yonsei WIFI]
    1. Choose "Yonsei" wifi
    2. ID = your student ID number (starts with 202#84~)
    3. PW = same as your Yonsei Portal password
    4. If you experience any problems, please refer to the attached WIFI manual for more specific guidelines per device
    [Yonsei Library]
    You will have access to the library building starting from March 2nd(Sat)=official first day of the semester.
    If you wish to login to Yonsei University Library website,
    1. Choose "Library Id" like the below
    2. ID = your student ID number (starts with 202484~)
    3. PW = your birthdate in YYMMDD+ab!
        ex. 1999. 01. 02. → 990102ab!
    4. If you experience any problems, please contact the library office at, 02-2123-6100