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  • [2019 Fall] COURSE ADD & DROP PERIOD

    2019.08.14 김지훈 981

    [Yonsei Fall 2019] COURSE ADD & DROP PERIOD

    September 5, 8am – September 9, 5pm (Korean Standard Time)


    - Students can apply for courses and make changes such as cancelling enrolled courses.


    - Students can check the quota for courses. Waiting number from Round 2 is now deleted, and new waiting numbers will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. For courses with vacancies, you can enroll immediately.


    - It is the last opportunity to add/drop the courses. During the Course Withdrawal Period (September 5 – 9) you will only be able to drop an existing course(s), and you must retain more than your minimum course load after Course Withdrawal.


    - Minimum credit requirement for Study abroad at Yonsei program: 9 credits for Yonsei, but your home university may require higher credit requirement. For example, California State University System students are required to register minimum of 15 credits.


    - Classes begin on Sep 2. You can attend a class even if you are not officially enrolled, so if you think you will enroll in a course, it is recommended that you go to the class even before add/drop period. However you may not be able to register the course if there is no seats available.



    How to check Course Enrollment Status


    1. Go to Yonsei Portal Service

    2. Go to Academic Information System → Academic Management System

    3. Click “Course” → “Course Enrollment” → “Enrollment Status” or “Course Schedule”





    - Check course enrollment status and schedule

    - Check language of instruction (Korean/English/Others)

    - Check campus locations (Sinchon/International Songdo Campus)

    - Check reference codes (cyber classroom, placement test required, etc.)


    Course Registration Approval Form (signed by course’s professor)

    -Only required if you cannot enroll yourself through portal-


    For students who were unable to get a seat in class through the Online Course Enrollment system during the course registration period, they may try to contact courses’ professors and have Course Registration Approval form signed by the professor teaching and submit it to the Office of International Affairs during the following period:


    - Submission Period: 9am September 5th – 12pm (Noon), September 9th

    At Office of International Affairs (Baekyang Hall, #S302)

    - Office Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (Lunch: 12:00 - 13:30)


    - Course Registration Approval Form can be found at the last page of the Academic Guideline (attached).

    - If you successfully registered for a course online, you need NOT submit the signed form.

    - Approval on enrollment is dependent on a professor’s own discretionary.

    - Submitting “Course Registration Approval Form” to the Office of International Affairs does not guarantee a student a seat in the class. Once the Office receives the signed form from a student, the staff will confirm with the department/college that offers the course to get final permission for systematically enrolling the course.

    - Please prepare alternative courses (back-up plan) in case courses are not available.

     - You have to submit the approval form to the school of business office if you want to submit the signed approval form for business course(BIZ course). The office is located in room 406, School of Business Building.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    [Q: I am unable to fulfill the minimum credit requirement because I did not manage to enroll in my desired course(s). Can the minimum credit requirement be exempted in this case?]

    No. All students at Yonsei are required to take at least 9 credits. If you are unable to take 9 credits because your desired courses are full already, please register for alternative courses that have remaining seats.

    Please be reminded that some students may have to take more than 9 credits to fulfill requirement of their visa, scholarship, and/or academic status at home university.


    [Q: I am unable to register for a course that I need because it has reached the total capacity or because there are no seats available for my major and/or school year. What should I do?]

    Please refer to “Course Registration Approval Form”. In the meantime, you may attempt to apply for your desired courses online during the Course Add & Drop Period.


    Thank you.