Notice (SAY)

  • <2020 Spring> Online Course Information

    2020.03.12 김지훈 1402

    Greetings from Yonsei University.

    We would like to provide you important information about the online course which will be offered for the first 2 weeks.

    How to check online course information
    Professors will upload the online course information on course syllabus and YSCEC before the semester starts. 
    Please check the course syllabus and YSCEC to find the information about online courses.

    A. Course Syllabus
    - Please visit Yonsei portal website(
    - click the “Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate” button
    - Search the course and check the course syllabus
    ※ Please contact the professor via email if you have questions about the course. You will be able to find the email address of the professor on the course syllabus.

    B. YSCEC (Cyber Education Support System)
    YSCEC is Yonsei’s online blackboard service that professors use to communicate with students, provide lecture notes and course materials, and collect assignments.
    Professor will upload important announcements and course materials on YSCEC.
    - Website:
    - YSCEC Login Credential: Same as your login credential for Yonsei Portal Service(Same ID and PW)
    - YSCEC Manual
    Visit YSCEC Website( → Log-in → Select “English(EN)” on the upper right side of the website → Click “Help” → Click “User Manual(EN)

    There is one day delay between portal and YSCEC. If you made a change on your course registration using portal during the add and drop period(March 19 to March 23), it will take one day for the information to be updated on YSCEC.

    ※ Please update your contact information on YSCEC by following instruction.
    Visit YSCEC Website( → Log-in → Select “English(EN)” on the upper right side of the website  →  Click your name on the upper right side of the YSCEC website and select "profile"→ “Update your profile” → Update your contact information → Click “Update profile” to save your updated profile

    ※ Professors will use different methods(Youtube, Google Drive, Zoom and etc.) for online courses. Thus, it is very important for you to check the course information on Course syllabus and YSCEC before the semester starts. Also it is mandatory for you to update your contact information on YSCEC since professors may contact you by using your contact information(email and phone number) on YSCEC if there is any announcement or update for the course.
    ※ Please do not share course materials with others.