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  • <2020 Yonsei Fall Semester> Important Notice for the 2020 Fall semester

    2020.08.19 김지훈 748

  • Greetings from Yonsei University, Korea.

    We hope you all are in good health.

    The Corona-19 Infectious Disease (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly around the metropolitan area in Korea. The Korean government's Social Distancing level was also raised to the 2nd level accordingly.

    Although Yonsei University is highly motivated for the development and innovation of the 2nd semester classes, Yonsei is obliged to conduct all of fall semester classes online until the midterm exam period(October 26). Midterm exams will also be carried out online or non-face-to-face.

    As for the academic plans after the midterm period, we will make an announcement on Monday, October 12.
    We may continue with online lectures for the whole semester or change to offline lectures or blended learning depending on the situation. As the risk of the spread of COVID-19 has not been fundamentally resolved, today's decision was made to ensure the safety of students while complying with the Korean government's recommendation to maintain social distancing.

    With more than 8,000 lectures and limited time and resources, it will not be easy to prepare to run high-quality online lectures by the beginning of the semester. However, we will provide quality learning opportunities using all the available resources based on our experience of the spring semester.

    Please be advised that students should refrain from visiting densely crowded facilities until the COVID-19 pandemic is mitigated and follow precautions announced by the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) to avoid COVID-19.

    We understand that such changes in the fall semester may cause a certain level of confusion. However, we believe that Yonsei will overcome this crisis wisely with your generous understanding and cooperation.
    We will do our best to not only protect students from the spread of COVID-19 and but also provide the best learning experience regardless of the format.

    We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic is contained as soon as possible and that students can enjoy the 2nd semester classes face-to-face.

    Please refer to the attachment, it includes information about how to check the online course information.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

    Jihun Kim
    Program Deputy Manager