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  • [2021 Spring] Frequently asked questions about the 2021 spring semester

    2021.02.01 김지훈 748



    1.  Is there any chance if we have offline courses later?

    No. We will have online courses until the end of the 2021 spring semester. And all courses will be held online except a few laboratory courses.
    2. Are we able to enter Korea to take courses?
    Yes, you will be able to enter Korea to take courses if you have a student visa.
    Please note that you have to enter Korea before the final entry date which is written on your visa.
    3. Can We take online courses overseas?
    Yes, you can take online courses overseas. 
    Please note that you have to take courses during the designated time regardless of time difference if you are taking ZOOM(realtime class) courses.
    4. Student Visa
    You will be able to enter Korea if you have a student visa.
    However, students who have not applied for a student visa may not be able to enter Korea since Korean embassy may refuse to issue a student visa since Yonsei university decided to have online courses for the 2021 spring semester.
    He/she has to take online courses overseas if he/she is not able to enter Korea due to visa issues.
    5. Can we use the campus facilities?
    Yes, all campus facilities(cafeterias, libraries and  other except sports facilities will be available to use.
    Please note that library visit is available from March 2 after you receive your student ID card.
    You will be able to pick up your student ID card from March 2 at Woori bank on campus, and we will send you an email including detailed information later.  
    6. Orientation
    We will have online orientation in late February and we will send an email to all students after we upload all orientation materials on our website.
    Recorded Video and PDF files will be provided.