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  • Justin Freeman from Murdoch University

    2016.12.16 Minseon Ku 1096
  • Yonsei Experience Helps Me Pursue My Dream


    Wants to Research on Sustainable Energy



    Justin Freeman came to Yonsei as an exchange student after winning a prestigious scholarship funded by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan. The New Colombo Plan is an initiative which aims to expand knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region by funding Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in other countries in the region.
    A modern Renaissance man, Justin is passionate about science, music, sports, and culture. In particular, he plays the tuba and spent ten years with the RASWA Brass Band in Australia. As an undergraduate, Justin majored in Botany at Western Australia University, and he began working as a botanist in environmental consulting after graduation. Ultimately, he decided he wanted a career dedicated to studying climate change, which led him to another degree program in Physics and Nanotechnology at Murdoch University.
    Justin’s professional experience in environmental consulting made him realize the many obstacles that stand in the way of preserving the environment, not least of which is passing effective regulations. In listening to podcasts by scientists, he grew fascinated by the potential of nanotechnology; in the future, he hopes to contribute to the fight against global warming by researching and developing green energy.
    Speaking of his academic experience at Yonsei, Justin remarked on the high quality of courses and lectures, which are more demanding than those he encountered in Australia. He said that his math skills in particular improved by being surrounded by Korean students. This summer, Justin will stay in Korea to participate in an internship program, which will allow him to explore various nanotechnology applications. In addition to his interest in green energy, he hopes to learn more about developments in nanomedicine.