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  • The 5th KF-EAI Korea Friendship Member Recruitment

    2017.05.24 OIA 901


    The 5th KF-EAI Korea Friendship

    Member Recruitment



    East Asia Institute (EAI) is hosting the Korea Friendship project, sponsored by Korea Foundation (KF) for international students residing in Korea. In this project, international students whom are currently enrolled in universities in Korea will have opportunity to “explore,” “communicate,” and “empathize” Korea. We cordially welcome you to our “Korea Friendship” project.


    1. Project Details and Agenda

    The Korea Friendship project consists of three main programs: 1) “KF Academicus,” which consists of lecture series focusing on exploring the various aspects of the Korean society, 2) “KF Communicus,” which focuses on activities that promote communication of ideas and discussion with the Korean society, and 3) “KF Empathicus,” which provides international students opportunities to network not only with diverse groups of people in the Korean society, but also among themselves.







    Program & Schedule Overview

    KF Global Center

    Monday, July.10 at 11:00

    Lunchbox will be provided

    KF Academicus

    Lecture Series

    ?   Korean Politics


    ?   Kim, Se-Yeon

    Bareun Party Member of National Assembly


    July. 10 (Mon)


    ?   Korean Education

    ?   Oh, Joon

    South Korean Ambassador to the UN

    July. 10 (Mon)


    ?   Korean Classical Literature

    ?   Jang, Kang-Myung


    July. 11 (Tue)


    ?   Korean Diplomacy

    ?   Sohn, Yul

    Professor at Yonsei University GSIS

    July. 11 (Tue)


    ?   Korean History

    ?   Kwon, Hee-Kwon

    Professor in National History Department at University of Seoul

    July. 12 (Wed)


    ?   Korean Enterprises

    ?   Park, Sang-Yong

    Chief Executive Officer at Macquarie Securities Korea Ltd.

    July. 12 (Wed)


    ?   Korean National Security

    ?   Visit to DMZ & JSA for National Security Education

    (Korea-U.S. Alliance Security Briefing by U.S. Forces in Korea, Visit to DMZ, the 3rd Tunnel, and JSA)

    July.13 (Thur) or July. 15 (Sat)

    [will be notified]




    KF Communicus

    Essay Contest and Conference

    ?  Next Generation Conference

    English Essay Competition for domestic and international young scholars

    KF Global Center

    Wednesday, August 9 at 9AM

    KF Empathicus


    Networking Gala Program

    KF Global Center

    Thursday, August 24 at 6PM

    ?  EAI Young Festival

    ?  Korea Friendship Gala

    Commencement ceremony (Certificate for students who complete the program)

    KF Global Center

    Thursday, August 24 at 6PM

    * Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all lectures.



    1. Participants Selection Process

    ?   Eligibility: International students residing in Korea only

    ?   Application Process:



    Time Period


    Application submission


    Online application:

    Result notification


    Accepted students will be notified individually


    2016.07.10 11:00

    KF Global Center

    * A brief orientation will take place before the first lecture

    The first lecture

    2016.07.10 13:00


    ?   Application documents: All documents must be written in Korean orEnglish.

    1) [All Applicants]  :  Online Application, Photocopy of the applicant’s passport

    2) [Accepted Students]  : Photocopy of student ID card




    1. Additional Information

    1)   The winner of Next Generation Conference will receive a plaque.

    2)   Those who complete the course will receive a certificate signed by the presidents of EAI.

    3)   Students who completed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th program cannot apply.

    4)   Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all lectures.

    5)   For further information, please visit our KF-EAI Korea Friendship website (

    6)   Questions regarding applications must be submitted only via e-mail (no phone calls, please).