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  • [IOY] Recruiting Management Team Members

    2018.05.17 Yonsei OIA 1055

    What is IOY?
    International One Yonsei is a club that encourages Korean, International and Exchange Students to participate in club activities together.

    What are the club activities?
    Our activities are divided in two divisions:
    1) Volunteering
    - English Tutoring at Welfare Center
    - “Donate without Borders” campaign
    - Others
    2) Social Activities
    - Hangout Ttime
    - Movies
    - Language exchange & etc.

    What am I applying for?
    We are currently looking for next semester's committee member.
    Please check the information stated below.

    Eligibility: Regular students (International & Korean)
                        There will be preference for those students with fluency in Korean language .
    Application period: May 9th (Wed) - 29th (Wed) 17:00
    How to apply: Send your CV to
    Results Announcement: June 3rd (Sun) / (Individual contact)

    Description of Roles:
    1. Secretary (1 person)
    - Compile, prepares reports and is in charge of announcements, pre-reports and summary reports
    2. Treasurer (1 person)
    - Manages budget of the club per semester
    - Prepare reports at the beginning & ending of the semester according to each Department requirements
    3. Department Operation (4 - 8 person)
    Separated into different departments. Members will be attending different activities held by each department.
      ● Volunteering
      ● Social Activities
      ● Others (New committee members can decide between themselves on adding other/new departments)

    What are the advantages of being part of IOY Management Team?
      ●Certificates of recognition of your work in the IOY Management Team
      ●Get experience about managing and planning (baby steps lead great destinations!)
      ●Be part of one of the best and friendliest clubs in Yonsei University
      ●Meet people from all over the world!