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  • Yonsei Global is to host the Global Day-Spain Day!!

    2016.04.28 관리자 1750
  • Spain Day will be held on May 3rd and 4th at the Global Lounge (Student Union Building, Sinchon Campus).


    Yonsei Global has prepared various culture experience events and prizes for those who accomplished all missions. If you send a photo related to Spain, Yonsei Global will print it and make you a postcard. A mini soccer game and and a playstation console will be there to give you opportunities to experience culture & sports of Spain. A churros food truck will also make an appearance next to the Global Lounge, so don't miss your chance!


    Date: Tue., May 3 - Wed., May 4

    Venue: Global Lounge (Student Union Building, Sinchon Campus)


    If you wish to take part in this event, and if you have another inquiries, feel free to send an email to

    Check out more information at !

    Please come and enjoy!