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  • HeySuccess hosts Merit300 in NYC

    2016.04.21 관리자 1730
  • HeySuccess, the global platform for international student mobility and recruitment, together with its partner, World Merit, is organizing the most important Youth Summit in the world - Merit360 next summer in New York City.


    Merit360 is a program that gathers young leaders from all around the world to improve the UN’s Sustainable goals. HeySuccess want students to represent Yonsei University and the Repubic of Korea in this incredible program, using their skills to build a better future.


    Merit360 will be facilitated In New York, USA, along with training sessions and workshops at the United Nations headquarters.


    Every participant will have the 87.5% of their fee covered by World Merit team and World Merit sponsors.


    You can find more info about this life-changing Summit by emailing the address below. Please apply to this opportunity!!


    If you have any question or want to more information, please do not hesitate to contact