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  • The India-South Korea Youth Forum

    2019.08.05 이서혜 109
    India-South Korea Youth Forum works under the aegis of Global Youth, a non-profit organisation which fosters young minds and personalities by giving them insights into the world of diplomacy and policy making. There are 15 such forums that deal with bilateral relations between two countries, of which India-South Korea Youth Forum tries to explore the political, economic, social, cultural, historical and commercial ties between India and South Korea. 
    The forum consists of 13 Indian students and 13 South Korean students and is based in New Delhi, India. However this does not imply that the South Korean students, after securing membership in the forum, will have to come to India in order to participate in the activities. All activities are designed to foster interaction between Indian and South Korean students via virtual platforms of communication. Here are some activities that the forum organizes:
    Food walks- Members in India try to explore the Korean cuisine and their South Korean counterparts would explore the Indian cuisine. This would be followed by an exercise where they find out the similarities and differences between the two cuisines and talk about how food is impacted by politics.
    Online Discussions: Here, an agenda is set for the discussion and students put forth their views and observations pertaining to the agenda. The medium for such discussions is WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype, whichever is convenient for the students.
    Research: Members conduct secondary research on topics that interest them in India-RoK relations. Their research papers, essays, articles or opinion pieces will be published in our newsletter after a thorough screening by a panel of experts.
    Other activities organized by the forum include quiz, online surveys, photography competitions, essay writing, movie/documentary screenings among others.
    The recruitment procedure includes an application followed by an interview.
    Since we are looking for students interested in international relations and diplomacy, we would be willing to recruit any student pursuing international relations, political science,  public policy or economics as major disciplines. However, the field of study should not be a barrier, so we are open to students from all backgrounds who are enthusiastic about international relations.


    In the last one year, the India-South Korea Youth Forum participated in a discussion with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India Mr. H.E. Shin Bongkil, at Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.


    Please find attached the Global Youth Annual Report (2018-19) and the Global Youth Brochure for your kind perusal. More details are available on our Facebook page and Twitter handle.