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  • Future Food Fellowship-스위스 취리히연방공과대학(ETH)&로잔연방공과대학(EPFL) 공동주관 포스트닥터 프로그램

    2019.12.05 이서혜 473
  • *프로그램:  Future Food Fellowship  - 스위스 취리히연방공과대학(ETH)와 로잔연방공과대학(EPFL) 공동주관 포스트닥터 프로그램   
    The core element of this initiative are the Future Food Fellowships, a postdoc programme for exceptionally qualified young researchers who propose projects targeting future food issues, such as nutrition, production, packaging and digital health. Although the call is open to any outstanding proposal, following topics are prioritised in 2020:

    - Plant-based proteins

    - Digital technologies for food design

    - Sustainable packaging

    - Microbiome

     The fellowship programme at ETH Zurich and EPFL is designed to attract talented individuals from Switzerland and abroad to conduct innovative and industry-relevant research and innovation in Switzerland. Young researchers who are aiming to become highly qualified experts in basic research or industry, or who want to start companies, play an important role in the transfer of knowledge. For this reason, the Future Food Initiative’s fellowship programme is aimed at researchers who have already completed their doctoral studies but have not yet received a professorship. The fellowships are primarily for talented individuals from outside Switzerland who can bring new ideas to Switzerland and combine scientific excellence with industrial relevance.

     Individuals whose projects are selected will receive financial support for a period of three years. This includes their integration into an existing research group at ETH Zurich or EPFL, as well as funds for materials and travel. Each scholarship has been allocated around CHF 390,000.

     For further information and to apply:

    Application deadline: 31 March 2020