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  • Tokyo Forum 2020 Online

    2020.11.30 김지혜 492
  • Our world is facing unprecedented crisis of the global environment compounded by the COVID-19. Our current economic system has pushed the carrying capacity of the earth system, our Global Commons, to its limit. We have only 10 years to drastically change the course if we are to pass on the healthy planet to the next generation.

    Tokyo Forum 2020 Online will be focusing on “Global Commons Stewardship in the Anthropocene”. Leaders from all over the world and across different sectors –academia, government, industry and CSOs –will come together virtually to assess the current state of the global challenge, discuss ways to unlock the systems transformation, and agree on actions to safeguard Global Commons. Taking advantage of our virtual settings, we will invite participants to join the discussion, aiming at creating a new, interactive forum. We look forward to your participation.