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  • Ticket Promotion for Incheon Pentaport Festival (Aug 4~6)

    2023.07.31 관리자 1962
  • This is an exclusive ticket promotion exclusive for Yonsei students!

    Please refer to below information.

    0. Information:

    1. Price
    Lowest domestic and online prices at 40% off the regular price

    2. Purchase:

    - Online card payment is available
    - Contact us by e-mail or phone for cash payment

    3. Pick-up method
    - On-site ticket booths provide admission tickets and goods
    - After purchasing tickets, information will be provided separately through e-mail, text message, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp

    4. Transportation
    - A paid shuttle bus will be operated from Incheon after the performance
    (Incheon Concert Hall - Sinchon, Seoul - Seoul City Hall Station)
    Tickets priced at 15,000 won can be booked online in advance

    5. INQUIRY (Hanatour ITC): 02-398-6627 / Email :