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  • Voting for Quarantunes! Student Music Competition (APRU)

    2020.07.14 정규리 519

    A student music competition to inspire hope for the future


    #Voting Begins #Quarantunes


    The Quarantunes student music competition offered students a chance to inspire each other and our communities by making music.

    Students were challenged to help us see beyond current difficulties, come together in mutual support, and strengthen the determination and hope for the future.


    With over 100 entries, APRU selected a shortlist, of which, the public will vote for the winning teams.

    The shortlisted entries were chosen using five criteria: musical arrangement, technical proficiency, originality, video and/or audio quality, and concept and message. 

    The entries are featured on the Student Competition web page and Facebook Page.


    #Yonsei Candidates 

    Among the 100+ entries, 4 brilliant Yonsei teams were selected on the shortlist of 40 teams! 

    (Click on each image to check the music clip on Facebook)


    Team 1,  Dear World: a letter to the world

    by Miso Kim, Junghyun Kim, Yeil Joung


    Team 2,  I couldn't sleep well last night

    by. Lee Jae Cheol, Kim Hyun Seok


    Team 3,    We're all heroes

    by. Oh Heeseo, Son Bogyeong


    Team 4,   Somethings we already know

    by. Je Won Kim, Somin Lee, Junhyeong Lee


    Voting is open for two weeks, July 13-July 27 (closing at 10 am, Seoul).

    We will count the number of combined votes from our Facebook Quarantunes playlist and the form available on our website.

    Please LIKE and SHARE your favorite entries to vote for the winning team!

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    Announcement of winners: Tuesday, June 30, 2020.