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  • Learn to Speak Korean

    2016.07.27 Nayoung Chung 1857
  • Yonsei Opens "Learn to Speak Korean 1" MOOC on Coursera


    Yonsei launched its first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for Korean language, "First Step Korean" on Coursera. Following the popular response to the course, the KLI opened a follow up course, "Learn to Speak Korean 1," lectured by Professor Sangmee Han. Coursera is the world's largest MOOC platform. 


    This course is engineered for beginner students who are already familiar with hangeul, the Korean alphabet, after taking the "First Step Korean" course. In this level, students will learn skills essential for daily interactions in Korea.


    Yonsei University has a reputation as the first university to provide intensive Korean language courses and strives to lead as a global Korean language educator through MOOC programs.


    Course Title: Learn to Speak Korean 1
    Professor: Sangmee Han (Korean Language Institute)
    Open: July 6th, 2016 (ongoing)
    Platform: Coursera (