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International Visits

  • Tel Aviv University 방문단/ Tel Aviv University Delegation, August 10, 2023

    2023.08.16 관리자 1927
  • * Date: August 10th (Thurs), 2023


    * Representative from Yonsei University

    - Dong-Hun Kim, Vice President of International Affairs, Professor of the Graduate School of International Studies

    - JoonSang Lee, Associate Vice President for International Affairs, Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering 

    - Jong Hyeok Park, Associate Vice President, Office of Research Affairs, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

    - Dongran Cho, Director of the International Affairs Team


    * Delegation fromTel Aviv University

    - Milette Shamir, Vice President of International, professor of American Literature at the Faculty of Humanities, head of the delegation

    - Konstantin Platonov, Asia Engagement Director, TAU Lowy International School

    - Liora Sarfati, Head of East Asian Studies, professor of Korean Studies & History

    - Noam Eliaz, Dean of Engineering, professor of Material Science Department (Electrochemistry, Energy, Hydrogen, 3D printing)

    - Zohar Yosibash, Vice Dean (Engineering) for Research and Industry Relations (Bone Fracture, Biomechanics) 

    - Eran Toch, professor of Industrial Engineering, an expert in AI & ML

    - Marcelo Ehrlich is Vice Dean for Research Development of the Faculty of Life Sciences, Professor in the School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research (Cell Biology, Virology, Biomedicine, Oncolytic Immune-Virotherapy, and Biophysics)


    * Embassy of Israel

    - Rasha Athamni, Deputy Chief of Mission