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International Visits

  • China Sichuan University, May 14th, 2019

    2019.05.14 Yonsei OIA 29


    *Date: May 14th(Tue), 2019


    *Delegation from Sichuan University

    Prof. Li Yanrong, the President of Sichuan University,
    Prof. Li Zhongfeng, The Director of the President Office,
    Prof. Li Zhongming, the Vice-Dean of the School of Polymer Science and Engineering,
    Prof. Wan Xuehong, the Vice-Dean of the West China College of Medicine,
    Prof. Fu Qilin, the Director of Office of Social Sciences,
    Prof. Zhang Sijie, the Director of International Office,
    Prof. Xu Weilin, the Vice-President of Sichuan University,
    Prof. Chu Liangyin, the Director of Office of Scientific Research and Development,
    Ms. Xu Jing, the Program Manager,
    Ms. Ji Jin, the Interpreter,


    *Delegation from Chinese Embassy

    Li Hong, Minister Counselor, Chinese Embassy

    Wu Peng, Second Secretary, Chinese Embassy


    *Representative from Yonsei University

    Prof. Yong-Hak Kim, President
    Prof. Jonghwa Hong, Provost
    Prof. Won Yong Lee, Vice-President for Research Affairs
    Prof. Doowon Lee, Vice-Preisdent for International Affairs
    Prof. Hyun Cheol Kim, Director of Institute of Language and Research Education



    Sichuan University visited Yonsei University to sign Student Exchange Agreement and MOU with Yonsei College of Medicine.

    Sichuan University also donated historical books to Yonsei Chinese Center. Two universities look forward to collaborate in many different areas near future.