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  • 주한일본대사접견/Embassy of Japan in Korea, May 14th 2019

    2019.05.22 Yonsei OIA 775
  • *Date: May 14th (Tue), 2019


    *Delegation from the Embassy of Japan in Korea

    H.E. Yasumasa NAGAMINE, Ambassador

    Mr. Tatsushi NISHIOKA, Minister, Director of Public Information & Cultural Center


    *Representative from Yonsei University

    Prof. Yong-Hak Kim, President

    Prof. Dong Joon Min, Senior Vice President for Administration and Development

    Prof. Doowon Lee, Vice President for International Affairs

    Prof. Helen Lee, Underwood International College

    Dr. Sung joo Kwon


    Ambassador Yasumasa NAGAMINE invited Yonsei University Senior Management for private dinner to discuss further cooperation between Japan and Yonsei University.