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International Visits

  • China Tianjin University, July 3rd 2019

    2019.07.03 Yonsei OIA 210
  • *Date: July 3rd(Wed), 2019


    *Delegation from Tianjin University

    Prof. Zhang Lixin, Assistant President

    Mr. Jiang Mingjing, Associate Dean, School of Civil Engineering

    Mr. Li Dachao, Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources

    Mr. Hu Haofeng, Deputy Director, Office of International Cooperation



    *Representative from Yonsei University

    Prof. Doowon Lee, Vice-Preisdent for International Affairs
    Prof. Jong Moon Chung, Associate Dean, College of Engineering

    Ms. Dongran Cho, Administrative Director, Office of International Affairs

    Ms. Hyewon Moon, Senior Manager, Office of International Affairs