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  • 주한중국대사 접견/ Embassy of China, July 8th, 2020

    2020.07.09 정규리 100
  • *Date: July 8th(Wed), 2020


    *Delegation from Embassy of China

    Xing Haiming, Chinese Ambassador to South Korea

    Li Hong, Counselor in charge of Education Affairs

    Wang Wei, Spokesman


    *Representative from Yonsei University

    Seoung Hwan Suh, President

    Hyun-cheol Kim, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Director of Kongzi Academy

    Sunku Hahn, Vice President for International Affairs


    President Suh visited the Embassy of China to attend the scholarship award ceremony of Yonsei University Ph.D. students, Jin Bing Jun, and discuss further collaboration with Ambassador.