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  • Additional Recruitment for 3 Campus Comparative East Asian Studies Program

    2017.04.03 OIA 1312
  • [Program Period] Keio at Fall 2017, Yonsei at Spring 2018, HKU at Summer 2018

    [Eligibility & Requirements]
    - Non-UIC students are also eligible to apply
    - Must have completed at least 2 semesters
    - 8th semester or more must be enrolled at home university
    - GPA 3.0 or above (3.0 out of 4.3, 86 out of 100 in percentage)
    - TOEFL IBT 80 or above 
    (Submitted scores must be from tests administered within 2 years of the starting date (September 1st, 2017) in order to be considered valid. Thus, the test date must be after September 1, 2015. Any test date prior to September 1, 2015 are not considered valid.)

    [Important Dates]
    1. Application Submission Deadline: 2017. 4. 7.(Fri) 11:00 am
    2. Result Notification: 2017. 4. 7.(Fri) 5:00 pm
    3. Common Application Deadline: 2017. 4. 10.(Mon) – only for nominated students
    4. Online application deadline for Keio: 2017. 4. 10.(Mon) – only for nominated students

    [How to Apply]
    Please submit the attached application form as scanned to by 2017. 4. 7.(Fri) 11:00 am.

    The 3-Campus Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies (hereafter, 3- Campus Program) will bring together students from world-leading Universities in a unique East Asian study abroad program to be held on the campuses of three of the most prestigious academic institutions in East Asia: Keio University in Japan (Keio), Yonsei University in Korea (Yonsei), and The University of Hong Kong in China (HKU).

    This East Asia-focused academic program of learning, residing and working together will enable students to cultivate the intellectual and intercultural breadth and depth that will equip them as future global leaders. This network of students both from within the East Asia region (Korea, Japan, China) and from outside (the United States and the United Kingdom) will act as a valuable bridge between East Asia and the West.

    Participating students will be afforded a truly unique opportunity to learn collectively about East Asia. They will experience, analyze and comprehend East Asia from a genuinely comparative perspective by living and studying as a multinational and multicultural community in all three campuses.

    For more information, please visit

    For more information on the application process, please contact us at or 02-2123-3926.

    Underwood International College