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  • 3MT Competition

    2016.04.15 관리자 2545



    3MT is an internationally recognized research communication competition that requires a student to present a thesis or other idea in three minutes. Students can submit a video related to the one of the three thematic areas.

    1. Energy & Environment

    2. Food, Water & Climate Change

    3. Population Aging & Global Health



    McDonnell International Scholars Academy의 파트너 대학인 연세대학교의 석사과정 혹은 박사과정 재학생으로서 3MT video(영상자료) 제출 시점 및 심포지엄 개최 기간(2016 9 22 ~ 25) 동안 연세대학교에 재학상태를 유지하여 함
    All graduate students (professional and PhD) at Yonsei University are eligible to participate. All contestants must be a current graduate student at the time of submission of the 3MT video and at the time of the Symposium in September 2016. Students must present 3MTs on any of the three thematic areas.



    최종 결승전 진출 학생 15명에게 항공비용 및 숙소비용 명목으로 USD 2,000의 비용 지원. 주제별 최종 우승자에게는 USD 1,000의 부상이 주어짐
    Three winners (one from each of the three themes) will receive a prize of $1000 USD each. All finalists will receive financial support of up to $2000 USD to attend the Symposium. Stipend must be used for airfare and lodging only (receipts required).


    일정(Important Dates)

    1. Video Submission Deadline: May 26, 2016

    2. Finalists Announcement: July 15, 2016

    3. Live Finals: September 23, 2016/ Brisbane, Australia

    4. Video Submission & Inquiry at

    5. More information can be found at: