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Exchange Student Program

Office of International Affairs (OIA) administers a wide range of semester and academic year-long study abroad opportunities to foster global competence of Yonsei students and their personal growth as global citizens.

Available programs: semester/year-long exchanges, semester-long visiting student programs, summer term programs, and global internships ranging from six weeks to one year awarding academic credit. The Regional Cooperation Center (Study Abroad) of OIA facilitates the outgoing exchange process and works closely with our international partner universities to develop new academic opportunities and provides extensive planning assistance for students including pre-departure orientation sessions.

Exchange Student Program

Exchange Student Program (ESP) allows students study one or two semesters at universities abroad that have signed an agreement with Yonsei University. Credits earned during the exchange period will be transferred to your academic account at Yonsei. Application periods are about a year before departure.

*Students pay the tuition to Yonsei University only.