Exchange Student Program

Procedure for Application

  1. Apply to take the language exam (only for non-English applicants)
  2. Interview
    • Non-English exam dates/place will be emailed to the applicant.
  3. Submit Online Application at Yonsei Portal
  4. Documents
    • 1) Evaluation Process
    • 2) Students are ranked in order of their total points and will be assigned to a school they have listed on their application. The number of universities they can choose on the application list is limited to 25.
    • 3) When choosing schools from the list, students need to search for information on universities themselves by visiting the official websites, etc.
      * After students submit their wish list of universities, they cannot change the list under any circumstances.
  5. Placement result: Available on Yonsei Portal
  6. Second-Round Applications
    • Announcement for second-round applications will be held according to region and university. Information on how to prepare for the host university’s application will be provided through e-mail.
  7. Students should prepare all documents for each Host university and submit their applications before the deadline given by the Office of International Affairs.
  8. Receive admission result from the host university (Office of International Affairs nominates Yonsei students to the host university and the final admission is decided by the host university)
  9. Students should prepare a passport and apply for a VISA after receiving admission (if required).
  10. Registration at Yonsei University
    • Students who are admitted to the ESP/VSP must register at Yonsei and pay their tuition fee according to Yonsei’s academic schedule.
  11. After returning from ESP, students should follow the procedure below.
    • 1)Submit the Exchange Students experience report online.
      • An e-mail to confirm submission will be sent to students.
    • 2)Bring a sealed official transcript from the host university
      • If the official transcript is directly sent to the Office of International Affairs , the office will contact the student to come pick up the transcript.
    • 3)Office of International Affairs will convert the credits taken at the host university based on Yonsei’s credit system.
    • 4)Students should fill out a form for credit approval and get the signature of the professor in charge of their major.
      • Form is available on Yonsei Portal.
    • 5) Submit the completed form and transcript to the Office of Academic Affairs (Academic Support Team) for credit transfer.