Global Internship Program

Global Internship Program (GIP) was developed to provide students with the international business environment experience and skills to help them to be better equipped for career planning and to nurture global citizens through enhancement in language proficiency and opportunites for diverse cultural experiences. Students will participate in this program while enrolled at Yonsei University and will receive academic credits.


  1. First-hand professional experience
  2. Understanding the international business environment
  3. Enhancing global competitiveness
  4. Enhancing language skills and understanding diverse cultures
  5. Planning future career paths

Academic Credits

Students are required to be enrolled in the semester at Yonsei University during their term for the internship to receive 12 academic credits. Students must pay the tuition to Yonsei University.

Internship Program

The Washington Center (TWC)

The Washington Center gives you an insider's view of how the world really thinks, and how it really works. Our academic internship program enables students to gain the experience needed for entry-level employment and to work towards achievement, enagagement and leadership.

  • Program duration: 15 weeks
  • Location: Washington D.C. area
  • Website: